Here’s the latest news from the LMA Covering Climate Collaborative. These articles originally appeared on the Local Media Association / Local Media Foundation website.

Story-Sharing Tool Drives Digital Traffic for Climate Collaborative

A platform built to simplify and automate story sharing in news collaboratives drove significant additional digital audiences to local news sites in the LMA Covering Climate Collaborative, according to a new report from Distributed Media Lab. Local Media Association received a grant from the Google News Initiative in Fall 2021 to explore how technology could […]

A new solution to add trusted climate reporting to your website

Local Media Association is proud to announce a free and easy solution for newsrooms to add trusted climate reporting to their websites, and tell the local story of this global issue. The post A new solution to add trusted climate reporting to your website appeared first on Local Media Association + Local Media Foundation.

Earth Day 2021: Seizing this moment to report on climate as an emergency

By Frank Mungeam • LMA Chief Innovation Officer Breaking news: We face a climate “emergency” according to everyone  from the heads of the European Union to the Pope. That realization can be overwhelming. After all, climate change is a planet-sized problem. But we see and experience the effects of climate change locally. That’s why local reporting […]

Launch newsrooms selected for LMA’s Covering Climate Collaborative

(April 14, 2021) — Local Media Association is proud to announce a remarkable group of 22 news outlets from across the country as launch participants in LMA’s Covering Climate Collaborative. Together, these newsrooms will focus on covering the impacts of climate change at the local level and reporting on ways communities can take action. The […]

Climate change and social justice: Newsrooms in LMA Covering Climate Collaborative ‘connect the dots’

It’s impossible to cover climate change without reporting on its unequal impact on disenfranchised communities, and the 22 local newsrooms in LMA’s Covering Climate Collaborative are working to “connect the dots” through their local reporting. “Climate change will exacerbate existing inequalities and worsen the vulnerabilities of already marginalized communities,” Dr. Robert Bullard told reporters in […]

Better together: How science partnerships enhance local climate reporting

The challenges facing local news organizations are well documented, from revenue disruption and staffing cuts to debunking misinformation, all exacerbated by the pandemic. Those challenges can be even greater when it comes to reporting on climate change because of the need to get the science right, and the constant pull of breaking news. One way […]

LMA Covering Climate Collaborative awarded GNI funding to build story-sharing platform

Local Media Association has been awarded $200,000 in funding from the Google News Initiative to pilot and develop story-sharing technology for the LMA Covering Climate Collaborative. LMA will partner with Distributed Media Lab to develop and curate story sharing tools that can be used by the 23 local newsrooms in the climate collaborative to expand […]

A new way to automate story-sharing in news collaboratives

Collaboration comes with numerous potential benefits for local news organizations — including shared resources, more reach, and greater depth of reporting. But workflow and logistics can reduce the scale of those wins. For shared content, web editors might find themselves in the labor-intensive processes of copying and pasting stories, chasing down image rights clearances, or […]

5 things we learned in the first year of the LMA Covering Climate Collaborative

It’s been one year since Local Media Association launched the Covering Climate Collaborative on Earth Day 2021. With the effects of climate change touching people’s lives ever more directly, this anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, what we’ve learned, and what more can be done. Here are five takeaways and lessons […]

Local Media Association announces launch of climate collaborative

Applications now open for 25 media partners “We face a climate in crisis. … Now we must step up. … This is a time for boldness, for there is so much to do. … We will be judged, you and I, by how we resolve the cascading crises of this era.” With these words, President […]